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Snl christmas tree shopping seattle. Feb 02, ยท Take off on the Saturday Night Live Skit. Seattle offers several ways for your family to find the perfect Christmas tree and have a wonderful Holiday experience.

For our apartment we' d like to find an actual tree ( like pine or fir), but not a full- size one, more like a sapling, but like perhaps 3- 4 ft tall. SNL Trees is not open but our friends are. Christmas tree lots allow you conveniently choose a fresh Christmas tree from a selection of different shapes, sizes and tree types. Consumers are going over the Internet or through the woods to find fresh Christmas trees this year, taking advantage of shopping options at opposite ends of the cost spectrum. They are at 4878 Beacon Ave S. Urban Feed & Garden!
Visit Kristie and James for your Christmas Tree this year. Hi, my girlfriend has never had a real Christmas tree.

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